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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving Foward


On Monday, you wrote down what you learned last year and where your future is headed. Now, how do you get there? 

1. Create smart goals

2. Write down your goals

 3. Implement a plan, and hold yourself and your employees accountable

                                  4. Have meetings to evaluate where your plan is at. Are you on track? What needs to change if you're not?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Your Future

What have you learned this year? 
             Where are you going next year?

Here are two important questions to ask yourself in order to move your future forward.  These should be things you have control over and can change. Write down what you have learned, have your employees or co-workers right down what they have learned.  It is amazing what you can learn in a year. Now, take that road map and help it define where the future of your business is going. By writing it down, it will help you achieve it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vision Board

We can achieve what we can envision.

  A board with our pictures, dreams and goals can be created and placed in a location we look at often. Having our goals and dreams created on paper can help us achieve them.  Don't just envision your goals, take action and achieve them today.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Speical Speaking Engagements

 Want to hear more from one of our consultants? 

Debra Quarles will be speaking in Corona, California and Calgary, Canada.  Debra Quarles has been working in Dentistry for over 20 years. She has written a book for dental offices and will be sharing some of this insight during this event. For more information, email austine.saltdpm@gmail.com or find information at saltdpm.com.

Managing your dental practice in 2013
Lowe and Ross Dental Specialists Study Club: 
       February 12th, 6-8:00 p.m.
              Corona, CA.


International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA) in Calgary, Canada, August 1-3, 2013.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amazing Dental Opportunity


I am excited to announce that Debra Quarles has written the The Revised Edition of Team Strategies for the Dental Practice and it will be available in January 2013. 

Debra Quarles is a positive, focused and motivated professional with over a quarter century of experience in the dental field. She possesses the unique ability to assess dental practice productivity and a keen talent for communicating. She handles all types of issues that arise daily in dental offices with diplomacy, grace and, of course, positive results. Debra solves system challenges and inspires evolution in practices of all sizes. Her skills at problem solving extend to managing practice flow, insurance issues, dental software systems, and accounting challenges. Debra thrives in every aspect of the front and back office.

Also a sought-after speaker, Debra shares her considerable knowledge with groups on various dental practice management topics including collections, scheduling, marketing, customer service, going paperless, and insurance. She also has consulted with Arizona's Dysart Unified School District to increase the effectiveness of its educational team. A published author, Debra’s writing includes the book, Team Strategies: For The Dental Practice, as well as articles for dental newsletters, publications and magazines.

The Philosophy: Flexibility and resourcefulness under pressure can bring amazing results...like lower blood pressure.  

The Rest:
Time paddling a canoe is at the top of Debra's list. She has 4 kids, 4 grandkids and 4 dogs. Patterns are good. She loves travel, knitting, reading, and has authored several books, both fiction and non-fiction. Having a fear of heights, Debra naturally joined up with a group to climb the 13,775-foot Grand Teton. 

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Importance of Recare


Recare doesn't only help your bottom line, it can save patients lives.

"According to the ADA, 78% of the adult population has some form of periodontal disease. Studies have been published linking periodontal disease to heart disease, strokes, impairment of fetal growth, and weakened immune systems. With each new study that is published, it becomes clear that there is a definite link between oral health and our general health. In fact, according to Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic, visiting a dentist on a regular basis can extend life expectancy by 10 years," (Schein, http://www.henryschein.com/us-en/sites/wedothat/recare.html)

Patients are busy people and it is easy for them to tell you at the front desk that they will get back to you at another time to schedule that important cleaning appointment. However, letting patients walk out the door without scheduling the next appointment may potentially put them at risk.

Having a system in place for recare is important. Start by assessing what are your procedures now? Who is in charge of it? What is the ratio of patient recare calls to appointments? What needs to be improved upon? 

Having a system in place for recare is critical to the success. Someone needs to be in charge of making recare phone calls as well as following up with reminders to patients.  

How you present the information to the patient is as important as the appointment itself. Use friendly terms that hold importance. For example, "Mrs. Etcheverry, we will want to see you back for your dental examination and cleaning in July." This helps the patient see overall importance of the appointment. It is not just a cleaning, it is a health screening. 

5 Things to Remember:

1. Give every patient the opportunity to schedule their next cleaning appointment or remind them of their next cleaning appointment when they come in the office for other matters.

2. Offer two times during days and times that you know the patient already prefers. This will limit the chance they will have something come up and need to cancel.

3. Ask with a smile in your voice.

4. Send a post card, email or phone call a few days prior to the appointment to confirm. 

5. When patients cancel ask them to reschedule then and there. 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Billion Dollar Branding

 This week we are featuring a fantastic business book from, "Billion Dollar Branding." This book is fantastic. It helps you focus on how to look at branding your business know matter what size your business is.

Buy the book. 

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Creating Smart Goals

We are into the new year. Hopefully you have accessed your business goals this year and decided what you need to work on and change. Or created some New Years resolutions.  In order to have a higher chance of achieving these goals, there is a simple formula when writing them that will help keep you and your team on track.

S: Specific-Goals should be very specific. Top Achievement business site suggests that you should answer six questions when writing this type of goal.
                              *Who:      Who is involved?
                              *What:     What do I want to accomplish?
                              *Where:    Identify a location.
                              *When:     Establish a time frame.
                              *Which:    Identify requirements and constraints.
                              *Why:      Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal.

M: Measurable-if you cannot measure when you achieve your goal, you won't know when you have achieved it or what you are working for.

A: Attainable-Goals can be attainable if you plan the right steps in order to achieve it. Once you map out a plan, then it becomes clear to you on how to achieve the goal you have been working towards.

R: Realistic- Goals should be realistic. However, you are the only one that can decide what is realistic to you and how hard you are willing to work to achieve that goal. 

T: Time- You should have a time frame in which you want to achieve your goal. This will help you keep you on track and keep you moving forward towards your goal when you are feeling less then motivated.

Your New Years Resolutions do not have to be thrown to the waste side. With a little preparation and smart planning you can achieve everything you need to achieve this year.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in the New Year


Hopefully you had a fabulous New Year. And now it is time to evaluate those resolutions you made. Don't worry you don't have to drop them to the waste side already.  Follow some simple suggestions to help you achieve whatever your goals are.

1. Write it down

2. Tell yourself your resolution over and over

3. Make a visual representation of what it looks like when you have achieved that goal

4. Give yourself a reward when you achieve your goal

5. Write out an action plan to complete your resolution.

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