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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your Employees

This Week at Salt DPM Blog spot we are featuring Blaine Parker Your Lean, Mean Creative Director in Park City 

Blaine Parker puts out HOTSPOT information that helps your business marketing.  


Last week, in "Buying Local vs. Buying Brand," we were discussing the importance of your people to your brand.

Part of the discussion was the juggernaut success of Trader Joe's.

According to Mark Gardiner's new book, Build A Brand like Trader Joe's, this is a company that gets a lot of its business wrong.

Nonetheless, they are an unstoppable force.

And integral to that brand is their people. They pay them well. They treat them well. They create emmissaries to bring their brand to the customer in a way no other grocery store chain does.

If you were around for this discussion, you'll recall that we said basically this: Pay your people like they matter. Because they do. They're the ones who deliver your brand to me. If they fail, so does your brand.  

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Energize Employees Part 2

Last week we posted a few ideas on how to change those employees from blah to energized and excited about working. Here are a few more ideas to help keep you and your employees moving forward.

Support your employees in every way.

         Your actions speak louder then your words and when you show your employees that you care they will care in return.

"Advertising agency Dahlin Smith White gives it's employees an "art budget" to decorate their offices and tells them to, "Go Wild."

Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay states, "Everyone wears a sign that says, make me fill important."

             Employees want to be valued and they want to know what they do matters to their employer and that they are an integral part of the office.

William McKnight,  former CEO of 3M, "The mistakes that people will make are of much less importance than the mistake that management makes if it tells them exactly what to do."
              Employees have to fill empowered to make choices and forgiven when mistakes are made.

Frederick Reichheld, Director Brain & Co. "We can invest all the money on Wall Street in new technologies, but we can't realize the benefits of improved productivity until companies rediscover the value of human loyalty."

 Your decisions affect the employees from day to day. Make today a positive change tomorrow at your business. 

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Boost Morale

 Is your team here?                        
                                    But you want to get them here?

Or Here?

1001ways to energize your staff is a great place to start.  I was reading this book recently and it said that, "Harry Seifert, CEO of New Oxford, Pennsylvania-based Winter Gardens Salad Company, stamps, "Read by Harry," on reports then sends them back to the employee to let them know that he is reading the material." This helped increase the quality.  You may not have reports that you are reading from your employees however, you may have patient files that tend to have missing information or incorrect information because they weren't checked before being handed to you. So, how can you help boost morale and get your team back to exciting levels of success.  

1. Start by showing them what they do is important. 
A note on a desk or a compliment on the great way they handled a difficult patient on the phone can keep an employee moving forward.

2. 1001 Ways to energize suggests asking employees for in-put on policies that affect them. They are more likely to follow through and believe in what you are asking for if they have had a hand in creating it. 

3. Connect with your employees. If you care your employees will care. 
Ask about their weekends, their kids, or what they have planned for the evening. When you show your employees that they matter they will return this same level of support. 

4. Have a good time at work. Yes, you are busy. It is okay to be busy, work hard and stay focused but don't forget to have a little fun once in awhile. No fun, can make a person dull and listless at work. You want everyone greeted with a smile and employees happy to be at work.

5. Give your employees the information they will need in order to do their job effectively. 
If a policy is changing let them know right away or if you ordered something and it won't be in till Friday let employees know.

Motivation can help increase production but it also creates a staff that wants to be at work, stay at your business and will refer their friends and family.  

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Monday, September 10, 2012

No Words Needed

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Magic Wand

                                    By David Milligan 

                    Salt DPM Consultant

Create a magic wand. Be creative and have fun.

Next:  Ask yourself and your staff, if you can change or improve any thing in the practice what would it be? 

The real magic is finding out what they would like to change and then setting goals and taking action. 

Take your wands and put them on the wall around your goals reminding you of the magic you hold when you and your team are focused on the same goal.

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The Benefits of panoramic X-ray

 Salt endorses panoramic X-rays:

A panoramic x-ray takes a full view of all your teeth and mouth in one picture. If you didn't catch our post on Monday, you should read how x-rays saved a man's life.  The entire view of your mouth allows the dentist to see your entire upper and lower jaw bone, your temporomandibular joints, or jaw joint, the nasal sinuses and their surrounding bone and the mandibular nerve, which provides sensation to the teeth and gums of the lower jaw. You may not have symptoms of cancer until it's too late, but a panoramic x-ray allows your dentist to see cysts and tumors.
 5 Benefits of the x-ray: 

1. Ease of using
2. Evaluating for TMJ or other Jaw problems
3. Looking at impacted teeth
4. Calcification within the carotid arter that may lead to stroke
5. Infected tooth or teeth

A panoramic X-ray may save your patients life today!
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Benefits of X-Rays

Our consultants are invited into a practice for a variety of reasons. Once there, we work to make recommendations that help support the practices goals and vision. And sometimes we make recommendations that change a persons life. 
             This is one of those cases, with a very happy ending.  

A new client met with one of our consultants.  Our consultant recommended for him to start taking panoramic x-rays.  Eventually he accepted.

An existing patient came into the office, the doctor's team used his new machine and took x-rays of a patient.  
  Guess what they found?  

Ameloblastoma at an early stage 

It is however, operable and the man should live.

     Our teams really do save lives 

What benefits have you found using panoramic x-rays?