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Monday, September 24, 2012

Energize Employees Part 2

Last week we posted a few ideas on how to change those employees from blah to energized and excited about working. Here are a few more ideas to help keep you and your employees moving forward.

Support your employees in every way.

         Your actions speak louder then your words and when you show your employees that you care they will care in return.

"Advertising agency Dahlin Smith White gives it's employees an "art budget" to decorate their offices and tells them to, "Go Wild."

Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay states, "Everyone wears a sign that says, make me fill important."

             Employees want to be valued and they want to know what they do matters to their employer and that they are an integral part of the office.

William McKnight,  former CEO of 3M, "The mistakes that people will make are of much less importance than the mistake that management makes if it tells them exactly what to do."
              Employees have to fill empowered to make choices and forgiven when mistakes are made.

Frederick Reichheld, Director Brain & Co. "We can invest all the money on Wall Street in new technologies, but we can't realize the benefits of improved productivity until companies rediscover the value of human loyalty."

 Your decisions affect the employees from day to day. Make today a positive change tomorrow at your business. 

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