We are a group of Dental Consultants who offer, improved practice morale; a happier, more profitable patient base;and improved home life; increased collections. (And yes, our average is 35% in year one.)

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The Team


David Milligan  

The Facts: David has been raising both the 
bottom line and the consciousness of 
dental  offices for over a decade.    








Lenora Milligan

The Facts: Lenora's consulting methods 
have been developed over the course of 20 years working with practices to make them better.


Debra Quarles

The Facts: Debra is a positive, focused and 
motivated professional with over a quarter
century of experience in the dental field.     


Austine Etcheverry

The Facts: Austine Etcheverry has been working in and around the dental field for over a decade.

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