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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Team Behaviors

Dear Doctor,   
Do you ever wonder if an employees' particular behavior is truly helpful?  Using the list below you can set expectations for your team and then your job of holding them accountable becomes much easier.  Go over the list with your team and give them examples to consider for each area you feel is most important.  Stay tuned for future blogs regarding employee confidentiality and an example of a "full value" contract.
Sincerely, David Milligan


Help the Team                                                           Hinder the Team
Be on time                                                                   Lack of accountability
Participate / volunteer                                                 Resist new ideas
Engage in open, honest communication                     Uncooperative. Refuse to communicate
Build on others’ ideas                                                 “Yes, but . . .” talk
Be optimistic / positive about the team                       Being negative and critical
Criticize ideas, not team members                              Attack personality, personally           
Provide leadership when needed                                Selectively interpret ideas, events, and actions
Follow-up when promised                                          Do other distracting work / activities
Pay attention                                                               Keep up side conversations / don’t listen
Take problems seriously                                             Avoid decision making
Be courteous, honest and trusting                              Engage in name calling, being rude, refusing to trust team members.
Use “we” expressions and thoughts                           Use “you” statements
Support each other                                                     Create sub-groups
Show commitment for making it work                      Express resignation or futility
Display a sense of humor                                           Act bored, refuse to pay attention

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