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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Large Crowd, A Lesson Learned

A few weeks ago, Salt Dental Practice Management consultant Debra Quarles spoke in Calgary, Canada at the IACA Conference.  The night before her presentation she turns on her computer to review some notes. Her presentation was created online utilizing Prezi. In the midst of her reviewing, the blue screen of death pops up and her computer shuts down.  She hits the button but nothing happens. She waits a few minutes and tries to turn on the computer again. Nothing.

She has two decisions. One, she can freak out and attempt to find a computer repair store late at night. If she makes this choice, she may have a long, sleepless night and even if she does fix it she resolves this may not be good because then will not get enough sleep. Or two, breath, get a good night sleep and wake up in the morning to try and take care of it before her presentation tomorrow. 

Debra decides on option two. She does her deep breathing exercises. This calms her body and her mind. Next, she turns on her sleep application, which tracks her night’s sleep. Debra hopes that maybe in the morning her computer will fix itself and she closes her eyes. The next morning after a fantastic sleep she wakes up, turns on her computer. No luck. So, she heads out to find the individual in charge of technology for the convention to see if she can borrow a computer from someone. As her computer did not get fixed by, "computer fairies" during the night.

In the elevator, she meets an individual who asks how her day is going. She states great. I’m going to find the technology person to see if I can borrow a computer. The gentleman says, “Wow, I would be freaking out.” Debra explains, I did some deep breathing and freaking out isn’t going to fix my computer. So, I’m good. She is able to locate the technology information guy. And he states, “wow, you’re really calm.” Debra once again explains, that there is no reason to get upset. She knows her presentation inside and out so, if she is able to borrow a computer great. And if not then that’s okay too.

They head in the direction to see if someone that is talking before her is able to let her borrow their computer. She locates a computer, she get’s her presentation up and running and when she looks out over the crowd there is a packed house waiting to hear what she has to deliver.

And in that moment she changes the beginning of her speech and begins her moment by talking about the importance of breathing because calm will always win out above a freak out.

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