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Friday, March 23, 2012

Abundance in dentistry By: Lenora Milligan

Part 2 of 2

When you believe that your patients cannot afford treatment because of the price of gas or the economy, you present the case differently than if you were thinking in more positive terms. This thinking error is called the externalization of blame. Utilizing this thinking error means that nothing is your fault and that you don’t have to change anything. You can’t accept you are responsible for your results. People who think this way frequently feel their lives are out of control. I understand the economy today is not as strong as it was, however, I also understand that making it the reason for my lack of success makes me a victim, not a winner.

Patients of course have their own stories. Some say they can’t afford treatment. It’s not always that they can’t afford it; it’s usually that they want something else more. Your job is to make sure you present treatment in a way that creates a desire or “want.” Here is an example. You approach a patient and say, “We need to take a pano x-ray today, it’s $100.00 and your insurance may not cover it.” The patient will most likely say no. Change your presentation to “We will be completing your oral cancer screening today.

Since one American dies every hour in the USA from oral cancer, we would like to take an x-ray that will allow us to see if you have any abnormalities that might be of concern.” The patient, who is now informed of the actual facts, will most often desire to have the treatment even if insurance doesn’t cover it. If you feel the need to add the financial and insurance information to your dialog please say, “The fee is $100.00 and many insurance plans cover it.”

Be aware of the use of limiting terms in your life and practice. “It’s only a cleaning,” minimizes the importance of the treatment. Instead of saying, “Your insurance only covers a small amount.” say, “It’s wonderful that you have insurance, they will cover X amount for you!”

Replace your negative thinking cycle with one of abundance. “There are more than enough patients to go around, everyone wants a healthy, beautiful smile.” It is true; everyone does want a healthy, beautiful smile. There are enough patients to go around. You are your own competition, stop worrying about the dentist next door. Create a positive, healthy, environment of abundance for your patients to enjoy. Exceed the patient’s expectations instead of meeting them.

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This article was originally published by Tri-County Dental Society Bulletin

Having a positive attitude will give you better results and everyone wants to be around positive, happy people who build us up and give us a reason to smile!

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