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Monday, December 3, 2012

What does your preception say about you?

Perspective is the reality we create for ourselves. Depending on our perception of a situation will depend on the choices we make in our life.  If we have a negative perception of events then the outcome or the reality we create for ourselves is a negative one. However, if we create a positive perspective of events in our life it will create positive opportunities for us.

Being positive and looking at life through the glass is half full view isn’t something I’m very good at. It wasn’t that I didn’t want positive things in my life. I did. I would look around the world and see what others had and say to myself one day I will have that. Instead of, I’m going to achieve that now and this is how. I would read books on how to be positive and I wore shirts with positive sayings but soon a situation would happen and my positive shirt would quickly be buried under the pile of negativity.

But then I read a book that truly changed my life. It is called, “The Positive Dog.” Although this book is short its message is powerful and a book that has the ability to take you to a different place if you are open and willing to hear its message and to implement its lessons.  

The premise of the book is about a dog that has been placed in a kennel. And he spends his time complaining. Families do not want to adopt him and he finds himself sad and angry. One day another dog comes over and helps teach him lessons to change his life around.  One of the many lessons Matt (the dog learns) from Bubba (another dog) is to, “tell yourself positive stories,” (The Positive Dog, pg. 27)

You can come to work everyday and have a confrontation with co-workers. You can believe that people do not have the money to spend in your business or that your boss is being mean when he asked you to fix something. However, when you feed yourself negative stories and thoughts you create a reality of negativity that keeps you trapped.

This story further tells us that, “how you see the world defines your world.” It determines your reality, beliefs and reactions to every situation you encounter.  By changing the stories you tell yourself, you can change the world you live in.  You can create a business of positivity and success.

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