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Monday, February 24, 2014

Self-doubt anyone?

Are you feeling self-doubt? Or questioning every decision you make?

Too much self-doubt will enable you from taking care of you, your staff, your patients and your practice. If you wake up in the morning worried about the results of a decision you made or if it takes you days to determine the appropriate course you might be undermining your leadership power.   

It might be time to turn it around. It can be difficult to make determinations for the organization. Sometimes as leaders we are forced into making a decision without all the facts. It could be a patient who doesn't give you all the information upfront or an employee who misinforms you. No matter the situation when making decisions we need to demonstrate a certain level of confidence to succeed.

Confidence comes from knowing the right questions to ask yourself when you are in the middle of a situation. Here are five questions to help guide you to the right answers:

1.     Are you doing it for the good of the patient and your office?

2.     Do you have a clear vision and plan of action?

3.     Is there a better way that would result in a more positive outcome?

4.     Do you have support?

5.     Have you consulted the research or other professionals on the matter?

You may not need to ask yourself every question in every situation. However, these five questions can help guide you when making more difficult decisions for your practice.  

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