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Monday, February 17, 2014

Who are you?

We have talked extensively about the principles and values you have to hold in order to be a leader.  We have further explored how and what skills you need to move your business forward. Now it is time to talk about you becoming centered and grounded around those principals you have used to define yourself.

Find that list of principles that we wrote down some time ago. If you have not completed this exercise take the time to write down what principals define who you are.

Some of the principals you reflected on may have been that you are positive or that you are a continual learner.  No matter what they are, you need to continue to maintain balance in each area in order to continue building on your leadership skills.

If you are unbalanced in a particular area take action steps to regain balance.  For example, you said you were patient centered but lately you notice you and your staff has been beginning the day later than you should be.

1.     Define the problem
2.     Write out the steps needed for the solution
3.     Implement the steps right away
4.     Reflect back after a few weeks using some type of data on whether you have regained balance

Everyday life can happen and throw us off. However, in order to maintain our laser focus and fair and equitable office it is important that we as the leader of the office find our stability and keep it. 

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