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Monday, June 2, 2014

As an employer you perhaps have wondered, how do I get and keep my team motivated and on the right path?

There are four levels of engagement:

Level 1: Lack of enthusiasm.
            A lack of enthusiasm or motivation is generally caused when a person is in a job that does not have meaning for them. Sometimes it can be because a lack of understanding on where the practice is heading. Make sure that all team members are aware of the goals and vision for the practice, if lack of enthusiasm continues, then you know the employee is in the wrong profession or part of the wrong team.

Level 2: Inspired.
            Inspiration occurs when an idea occurs. Team members can easily become inspired, but if they are not given the chance to act the inspiration will quickly die and they will return to a level 1 engagement.

Level 3: Motivated.
            Motivation is when inspiration is coupled with action. This gets people moving.

Level 4: Passion
            Your employees have an idea they can’t put down, the authority to move forward, and the direction they are headed in the practice matches their own personal path.

Passionate people make a difference: To your patients, to your practice and to your life.

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