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Monday, June 9, 2014

Your short term goals

The endless grind of an office lull can work you into a frenzy never giving you a break to analyze what your office is doing. You may work through the grind of the day, go home tired and then come back the next day. But where is it all leading? For your sake and the sake of your staff step off the hamster wheel and build a new practice. The short term goals are the steps that you take in order to reach your ultimate long-term goal.

First, start by creating your long-term goal. For example, do you want a lunch everyday or do you want to go home earlier? Do you want more new patients and less patients that do not show up on time in order to increase your overall profitability and happiness? No matter what goal you want, think big picture.

After you have determined your long-term goal you need to develop the short- term goals and plan. Every short-term step you take should lead you to the overall long-term goal. If you want more patients that are great patients, then you can ask for referrals from the patients you want to see more of. Or you can increase your marketing. Or if you want to be happier at work, schedule a morning huddle where you discus the day. Schedule your day appropriately to map out the type of day that is going to allow for that.

Keep yourself accountable. In order to reach the small and long-term goals you need to develop the time line. Don’t allow yourself to not be accountable to your staff and to yourself. Develop a model or a way for you to check and see where you are at in aligning with the goal. 

No matter what your goal is, Salt consultants can help you develop your plan and reach your goals today. 

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