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Monday, May 28, 2012

Where has all the Yellow gone?

 Picture By: Blaine Parker

 If  phone books are no longer used, how does your business advertise its services? Let's face it, we are in the technology age. This photo is truly worth 1000 words.  Yellow books are a thing of the past, as more people use the Internet to find what they are looking for.  Can they find your business? 
            It has never been more important for your office to have an online presence. You must be easily located  by patients when they search for you. You can get your name out there by having a website, using Facebook, or by being a part of professional sites such as Linkin and Google +.  
            Different types of patients go online looking for a variety of things.  Some patients are looking to connect with you outside the normal business day, while other patients are looking for reviews, and to learn more about your services.  No matter what your patients are looking for, they aren’t looking for it in the hard copy of the yellow pages.  The stronger and bigger your presence is on line, the better chance you have that patients won’t leave your "business card" on a table waiting for the janitor to trash it.

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