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Monday, June 18, 2012

"The Inevitable"

Debra Quarles

Summer can mean new goals, new opportunities and new ideas. All of which translates to change. Why is it when we hear the word change our heart starts to beat a little faster? Our palms get sweaty? We begin to panic a little?

According to philosopher Heraclites, “There is nothing permanent except change.” In our lives we’ve seen this. We see seasons change, yet change still has the power to unsettle us.  As a coach and consultant I implement and initiate change. So one of the first things I do is ask, who likes change? Invariably there will be one or two who raise their hands—but the majority will tell me they are creatures of habit. I’ve found even those who tell me they like change are only referring to changing their living room furniture, the car they drive, or their hair color. When it comes to change at work, doing the things we do every day, change is difficult.

So why change at all? The results you currently see at work are a reflection of your current behaviors. In other words, your current patients, your current stress level, your current salary, your current value are all based upon what you currently are achieving as an individual and a team. If you want different results, you will have to learn to do things differently.
  Here are some tips for handling change:
·      Understand why the change is necessary. We are much more accepting of change when we can understand how it will work to ease our day, increase our production or result in a better quality product.
·      Accept change willingly. You cannot prevent change from happening. In fact the act of resistance actually makes change worse. If you were to sit down in a straight-backed chair and have someone push against your outstretched hands, you would find that by resisting you actually give them the power to tip or turn you. Instead relax your arms. I know this is hard, it is easier to resist, but by relaxing you will find you can’t be so easily tipped over. Fighting change actually makes it worse. Remember, welcome change.
·      Get started making the change immediately. Support and remind each other of the change daily. Keep in mind change creates heroes and heroines. Can you become the hero of the office by implementing a change that saves time, energy or money?
·      Learn to love your mistakes, they will occur, remind yourself again why the change is important and move on. Don’t tell yourself stories about how it was so good before the change; instead focus on the future.
Change is what propels us toward a more rewarding future.

Debra Quarles is a coach consultant with Salt Dental Practice Management. 
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Original Article published by
Tri-County Dental Society

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