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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday Morning Choices #12

 This week we will finish up by focusing on, "The Legacy Choice... Give Your Gift."

Our Final Week with Monday Morning Choices has arrived.  I hope you have found this segment helpful and renewed yourself in your career and your life.

It is important for anyone to succeed that they at some point in their life have a mentor to help them out. It is just as important that you give back to the world by becoming a mentor as well. You can do this in a variety of ways, through your community or boy scouts, where and how does not matter.  Being a mentor is what matters.

A mentors responsibility it to bridge the gap between past experiences to help support future decisions.  Without people who are willing to become mentors to those around them individuals would not have access to important information. However, don't give to others because you want some thing in return, David Cottrell says, "give because it is the right thing to do," (David Cottrell, Pg. 167).

You do not have to make large sweeping changes you only have to start where you are.  Be nice to the people around you, help a co-worker in need or support your boss when they make a difficult decision.

Your legacy is sacred and you do not know when or who it will help. Take the time to pass on your wisdom to others.  David states that your, "legacy is priceless." It is a gift that should be cherished and shared with the people around us because they deserve to have people around them that have been in the same place as they have.

"Your legacy is your gift to pass on."

Find people who spark your inner fire.

Thank you David Cottrell for you 12 weeks of wisdom.

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