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Monday, November 26, 2012

Wow, I can't believe that we are already on week 11. I am so glad you have continued to work with your group up to this point. If you are just joining us, hope you look back and review the weeks before. This week we will be focusing on reality and facing the future.

Start this week by telling yourself that it is, "time for a reality check." When we are in a current position we may not be facing the reality we are in. We need to stop and face reality in order to ask ourselves the tough questions.  However, once you do this it can help you map out the future of where you are going.  This chapter in Monday Morning Choices suggests talks about a manager who went to his Vice President and asked for a new opportunity as a sale representative he was told no because he didn't use his, "slack time productively." Once Carl faces reality he has options in order to help him chart the next course of his life. Facing reality will give us the building blocks we need in order to face today what we need to change for tomorrow to create the reality we want. Checking in with reality can be a change.

Facing reality can cause some uncomfortableness in your world for a short time. However, there are rewards for facing the reality you are in. For example, you learn more about yourself, you can step out of the rut you are in.

"Choosing reality takes courage. It takes strength of conviction and a passion for progress," (David Cottrell, Pg. 159)

Checking in with reality is active not passive. Things that David Cottrell suggests, "that you can do to check in with reality is to check in with reality everyday. Look for truth all around you and in every situation. Reality may not always be the easiest path."

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