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Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Morning Choice # 7


Your Attitude!

This is week #7 of, "Monday Morning Choices." I believe this is one of the most important sections you will read. Without a positive attitude other changes cannot occur. If you look in the face of negativity and pessimism you believe the changes you have made to this point are not working. You may revert back to your old self because you have not enjoyed the weeks of success. Or you do not see your change as benefiting you.

It does not matter what happens in your life or what other people do to you because you have the power to chose your attitude.  I'm sure many of you have heard about the, "The Fish Philosophy." There is a fishing company in Seattle, called the Pike Place fish market.  The company started by asking themselves who they wanted to be, how they were going to get there and what it meant once they were there.  What they decided was that they wanted to be, "World Famous." And although, some might see working with fish  boring and gross the employees there see it another way.  And they live by three philosophies. One of them is, "choosing your attitude."

Choose to be enthusiastic in everything you do and choose to be around people who live there life that same way.  In the book, Monday Morning Choices," he challenges you this week to think about people you admire, do any of them have a negative attitude?  The answer is that there probably isn't anyone because successful leaders are ones that have positive attitudes.

Yes, bad things in life happen and sometimes we are overwhelmed with those bad things. But we can choose how we react and we can choose the attitude that takes us to the next choice we make after those bad things happen. How quickly you recover from the negative in your life is a direct choice of the attitude you choose to have.

"The Force Multiplier"

Positive, enthusiastic people give energy to the people around them. While negative people take away the energy from their co-workers and their work environment. You want to stand next to the people that are passing out positive energy and helping you to build on your positive attitude. If you are unable to find these people in your work force, then you must become the person that is handing out positivity. 

You must chose optimism all the time. David Cottrell states, "it's easy to chose optimism when times are good." However, you have to chose this state all the time and remember when there are setbacks they are only temporary and you can overcome them. With optimism comes choices and with choices you can be back on track before you know it.

This week focus on your attitude in good times and bad. Reflect what goes well this week and what didn't go well. What was your attitude in each of those situations? And how did you feel after the setback.

We cannot choose the events that happen to us, but we can choose to smile at the opportunity we receive when the wind stops blowing.

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