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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday Morning Choices

Welcome to choice 6 of Monday Morning choices, you are know halfway through changing your life.

This week we will be focusing on, "The Persistence Choice... Learn from Failure."

It is okay to fail. We can learn as much from our failures as we learn from our success. And it is important to preserve through our failures in order to find what we seek at the end of our journey.  We will not find success in a day or two. It takes time and it is what we do everyday over a long time that determines whether we will actually succeed in our goals.

Fear is a natural emotion that everyone feels at some time in their life. This is okay. But you should not let it hold you back from making choices or from moving forward. Have the courage to face your fears and move through them.

It is easy to give up and give in when you have failed over and over. However, it is the choices we make in the moment of failure that we can find the piece that is missing to help make a product more successful.

Train yourself to accept failure as a part of life and instead of dwelling on it and letting it hold you back, let it drive you forward into making the best decisions you can make to help you be successful in your business. 

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