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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning choices


We are on week 5 and today we will be focusing on chapter called, "The Do-Something Choice... Don't vacation on "Someday Isle."

I'm sure you are all familiar with the phrase, "Someday, I'll be happy when I..." This is a place that doesn't exist so make choices not on when you are going to be happy or lose that 20 pounds but focus on what changes you are making right now. 

Great ideas that move us forward or only great if we put them into action. It isn't enough to talk about change you have to be willing to put that into momentum and movement. Change is hard, but talking about change will not actually cause change to occur. 

One of the important choices in this section, is making, "the choice to read everyday."  David Cottrell states in the book, "the bigger houses have the bigger libraries and that this is not a coincidence. The more you read the more you learn and the more success you will have."  You have to be a life long learner and in order to do this you must read. 

Although, you may be limited by the people you meet you are not limited by the information you can learn from historians, business executives and great leaders when you pick up a book. The information you can now learn and grown from is limitless in a book.

David further suggests that it does not matter what you read, it just matters that you do it. Don't give up on learning right after you graduate make yourself a long term reader and learner to enjoy long term success in your life.

This week focus on making decisions to keep winning. Because, "winners keep winning." Just because you won an award once or were the top once it isn't enough. Keep do what you need to in order to keep winning over and over.


Communication is written language, how well you listen and how well you verbalize answers to questions.  People make a judgement about you in the first six seconds. It is critical to make sure you are efficient in each communication area. If you are not you will want to find a class, book or group that will help you increase your skills in that area. You cannot be successful if you cannot answer a question sufficiently or if your emails contain spelling errors.

There is no try. You can create excuses why you couldn't get the project done or why you didn't make those important phone calls when you use the words, "I'll try." Instead eliminate this from your vocabulary and only use words about it already being done.

Begin your success today by making a change today.

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