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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday Morning

Welcome to week four of Monday Morning Choices, Morning Choice # 4 . Hope that last week was a successful week for your group and you were able to evaluate your enemies with an open mind.  It's important to continue meeting and making time for your conversations to happen.

"The Integrity Choice...Do the Right Thing" 

Integrity is the fabric of who we are. It is important that we don't comprise this integrity. Here is a little exercise for you to complete this week.
"Write down the first five people that come to mind that you consider to be trustworthy. Now look at your list and evaluate with characteristics they have in common?" (Pg. 47)

Now make another list of the five people you don't trust. What characteristics do they have in common?

 Our integrity is the most important trait we have in this world. It means we do what is right even if there isn't someone watching, a prize at the end or a bag of money. It means that we do what is right when no one is watching because at the end of the day all we have is our integrity.  Some of our greatest hardships may have come from someone who proved that their integrity could be compromised. 

Do you know someone that values their own integrity above all else? Or a company that doesn't care what the cost is they always do the right thing?

Johnson and Johnson did, when they found out that individuals were poisoned they did what they needed to in order to protect society. They didn't worry about the millions of dollars they were losing they focused on the lives they were saving.

A final important point from this section, "Integrity is usually lost not by the big decisions but the small choices we make everyday."

Don't let the small choices change what you stand for today.
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