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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monday Morning

Part 2 of 2 

Chapter 1: The No-Victim Choice... Don't Let Your Past Eat Your Future

You have already taken important steps to changing your life. You picked your top five, you set aside time to meet, and you have made the choice to change. 

Now, begins the hard work.  It is easy to let life happen to you and then make excuses for why those bad things continue to happen. There are people in life that let life happen and their are others who adjust and change when life happens in a way that they don't like. According to, David Cottrell, it is not a coincidence that some people have all the bad luck.  

Make a choice. You can be what is called, "a passenger or a driver." A passenger sits in the car looking at the world pass them by but they do not make any choices on the path that they are taking. They do not stop the car when it is on a collision course of bad changes and they do not accept that they have the option to change what is coming their way.  While a driver is the person in charge. They make the choices and they are moving forward.  However, they also have the power to change when life is going in a direction you do not want. 

Unexpected downfalls will occur to you. It is something to accept.  The problem is not that bad things happen or that their are events that occur out of our hands, but it is how we handle those problems that determine where our life goes next. It is truly the choice you make with the problem that determine your success or failure. 

Take ownership of your decisions even if failure occurs. It is okay to make mistakes or have things go wrong. But, it is what you do when this occurs that will help build a strong team and a strong business. People around you will have faith in your management abilities when you show them that you are willing to accept responsibility when things are good and bad. It is often with failure that greatness happens and it is when we find out what we are really made of.  Make the choice to own your failure and your success.  Do not let someone else be in control of your business decisions because it is easier to be a, "passenger." 

 "The key to accepting responsablity-no matter what-is to take ownership of your mind, thoughts, actions, and reactions. Only you can accept this ownership-and, once accepted, it is yours to keep," David Cottrell.

1. Expect things to go wrong.

2. Look for other solutions to your problem through reflection. 

3. Do not get stuck in the trap of victimization.

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