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Monday, February 11, 2013

Social Media

You might be asking yourself why social media? What can it really do for me? I don't need to tell my patients what I'm doing. However, social media sites are a great, free way to advertise and connect with your current patients.  It can also help you find new patients. These days, patient reviews are important and social media is a great way to post those happy reviews for other new patients to see. 

Which sites should you be on?

1. Facebook

2. Yelp

3. Twitter

4. Google Plus

5. Linkedin

What should you post?

You can post updates on new technology you have in your practice or an event going on in your office or close to home. If you have discounts you can post those as well.  Facebook is great for articles that relate to dentistry and help support oral health care. 
 Don't get overwhelmed. Start small, maybe try one for awhile and then move on from there. I suggest doing some research to see what other individuals in the same field are posting.  

How many times should you post? 
Facebook-once a day
Twitter-Twice a day
Google Plus-once a day
Linkedin-Once a day or every other day

This may sound like a lot so if you don't have the time to walk around tweeting about the new x-ray machine you have, that is okay. There is a simple solution, hootsuite will allow you to write or create your posts and then schedule when you want them to post. This makes keeping up on your social media an easier job. Or find someone at your office that enjoys updating and being on Facebook. It can become your greatest assets    

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