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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Quick Get You Back on Track Activity

This is a quick activity I did one time at a teaching professional development that is a great way to, "throw" away the bad and bring in the good.

Throw it away
Take and give your staff several pieces of paper.  Have them take 2-3 minutes and write down all of the things in the office they are unhappy about. 

Next, have them put them into piles, which ones they control and which ones they can't control.

Have your staff wad up all of the complaints they can't control and move around the room giving them an opportunity to make a basket. If you want, a little treat can be rewarded to those that make the basket to increase the overall fun of this activity. 

Then take 2-3 minutes and have staff in small groups focus on one change they can today that would fix one of the items in their control. 

This activity isn't going to fix all of your office problems, but it will help staff to get back on track and focus on what they can't change instead of spending time in the lunch room focused on what they can't. 

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