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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Team

 This weekend I enjoyed a baseball game with my children. While I was sitting their enjoying the game it reminded me of the importance of a team. The hitter, takes a step forward and powers the ball out to outfield. This is the key to the one on second to run. The team moves around the bases and through communication brings everyone home to score the point.  If the communication stops or someone doesn't know the code, than the team breaks down. 

In the office it is the same idea. A team works together for a common goal in order to win. When communication breaks down or someone stops completing their job everyone around the office loses. It takes everyone to play the game correctly to help support and to reach the common goal. 

If your office has forgotten this, maybe it's time for a little friendly baseball game. When your back at the office have a meeting about what members learned or enjoyed and how these same tactics can be used in the office. 
                              To move forward in business means to have a strong team behind you.

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