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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Practice how you want to play

Week after week you practice making your office stronger, better, and more of a team. Or you practice driving your employees into the ground, negativity runs the group and your office stays stagnate. However, your before game practice is how your going to play the game.

My youngest son is on a swim team. Every week, four days a week they get in the pool and swim up and down the lanes on the short course. But in May the short course becomes the long course. However, we have so many kids on the team, that there is no room to turn the lanes to a long course. Last weekend we had our first meet. Our team really struggled. Even though the distance they were swimming was the exact same they have swam a thousand times, it was different and they had never practiced on a long course. It was sad to sit on the side lines and watch them struggle to do something, we as parents knew they could do.  But they had never practiced on this type of course.

The time to try something new isn't when the patient is seated in the chair. By the time the patient gets in the chair you should have practiced this event a thousand times before. For example, if your front desk is working on how they answer the phone, have them role play different scenarios with other teammates. If you are planning on telling a difficult patient they need to pay 1000.00 dollars before they can continue, then your office manager needs to practice how that is going to sound. They should have questions they think the patient might ask and practice there responses.

Moving Forward
 Richard Carlson says, “You are what you practice most.” If you and your team practice time management, respect to everyone, and solid patient procedures from the first time a patient steps into your office all the way to when they check out, you will build the practice you want. Chris Corrigan, "Alive in the process of Art," says, "what happens when we are confronted with a huge question, for which the answers are unknown? What happens when things shift in ways that we have never trained for? What do we do then?If you have trained as a martial artist or as an athlete, you will know that only with practice can you be ready to face the unexpected and create a good outcome." When you practice you will win.

Ask yourself what can your office become if you begin to practice something better today?

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