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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Increasing your mindset part II

On Monday we discussed ways to grow your mindset. Here are the other three ways that author, "Carol Dweck, suggests you can grow yours.

3. Close your eyes and think back to your past. Is there a time in your past that you feel defines you or you think, "measured you?" Imagine that moment, and feel all the feelings that you felt when you went through it. The feeling of sadness, rejection and disappointment. It is okay to feel what you felt, they are feelings and they are not wrong. However, flip that switch to a growth mindset. Think about what you learned, how that moment changed your life and changed your future. How did it help you to become a different person and what did you walk away with that you didn't have before.

4. The fourth suggestions asks you to stop and analyze when you feel depressed. Do you give up and give in? Do you decide it's to hard, make an excuse and quit or do you keep moving forward? Well, instead I offer an alternative, imagine yourself jumping that hurdle. Crossing over the finish line and accomplishing whatever it was you were afraid to try. Take a leap of faith that with the right mindset and hard work you can accomplish what you set out to do and even if you fail, you will learn something. It will become a valuable lesson that you can fail and still move forward in life.

5. This next one is a plan for you to try something new that you have always been afraid of. Don't let the feelings of fear hold you back.

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