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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fixed mindset accomplishments

If you have been following our posts about mindsets you may be asking yourself, "I have a fixed mindset and I'm just fine." However, stop and ask yourself what have you been missing? Or what are you missing out on now. It is the belief of Mindsets author, "Carol S. Dweck, that people with a fixed mindset you are comfortable when you are safe. If things get too hard you may tend to loose interest.

If you are in business this can be an everyday occurence. Things don't tend to be stable. You can enter a meeting where you have to look at the numbers, this may be uncomfortable. Next, you step into a meeting where an employee has an upset patient, you maybe uncomfortable or not have all the answers there either.

How do you know where you stand? Ask yourself, when a puzzle is hard is it fun? When you are presented with a challenge do you thrive or do you run?

Furthermore, when do you feel successful? Do you have to achieve right now or do you achieve when something is hard and you figure it out? Do you have to have, "immediate perfection?" Or can you have flaws?

No worries, because either way you can change your mindset. But first you have to be aware of what mindset you have. To start changing your mindset, when you your not perfect right away, push through and tell yourself, "it is okay, because you are learning."

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