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Monday, April 22, 2013

Change your title, change the game, what does your title say about you?

When you first start a new job the boss usually assigns you a new title. You may be an administrative secretary or a registered dental assistant. However, you may be the boss. Your title determines a list of responsibilities that you may have to do. But, does it describe who you are or the extra's you complete in the office?

Last weekend when I was at the CDA conference I met a young lady who was a front office receptionist. However, Debra Quarles the consultant that was working with the office, introduced her as the, "office genie." When she heard the consultant introduce using this title,  a smile spread across her face.

She had transformed her job and herself from a front office secretary to someone who makes things happen. She is not someone who just answers phones, or schedules appointments. She is someone who get's the job done. She is energized when she comes to work because she is running a front office and she is moving the office forward.

Who can you change and become today?

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