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Monday, April 8, 2013

What Happens When Mindsets Collide

When I was twenty two I worked at a trucking company. I decided one night that dying my hair blue was going to be the perfect idea. I mean who at a trucking company wouldn't like some spunk in the work force. However, when I got to work I quickly found out not only didn't they like it but it was against company policy. I was quickly asked to get rid of the color in my hair. My view of their company drastically changed and it changed what type of worker they thought I was.  

What happens in your company when mindset's collide? How do you get the crew back on track and ultimately if you are of the growth mindset and others are of the fixed how does that impact the overall office culture?

Colliding mindsets can be the catalyst for downfall. It can create negativity, fighting among staff and a place where people don't want to be. However, it can also be what is needed in order for hard conversations to happen. 

A wise person told me once that you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with. If the people in your office are of the fixed mindset, they may bolster your ego, but they may not challenge you to grow and learn. Do you keep them around? Or do you become like them?

It is important that you take care and face the problems in your office, if you are trying to move forward by learning, taking on calculated risks and growing your office cannot afford to move forward with someone who is staying behind.

Your job as the boss is to set the tone of the office and if you go to work with new and innovative ideas your staff will begin to learn that it is okay to also take chances. The dental field is changing all the time, what works today in business may not work tomorrow and what patients want today could drastically change tomorrow. However, if you stay out of the mud you will improve with the times. Many CEO's have fallen because they are unwilling to change and the people around them do not challenge them they only boost their self-esteem. Don't allow a fixed mindset to ruin what you have worked to build.

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