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Monday, April 15, 2013

How to start your day?

This weekend I attended CDA's conference and listened to the keynote speaker Kelli VRLA. Her lecture, "Teamwork Coaching: Getting Your People to Play Nice in the Sandbox and Own their Jobs," was truly uplifting and enjoyable. It was a true reminder of what it means to have fun at work.  Although, not everyone has the same approach, it is important to bring humor to your office.

So, if you aren't the comedian find someone in your office who is and I have to suggest to stop, and just get up and dance sometimes.

Here are some quick and easy moves that Kelli had us do. This way no one has to feel silly because you are all doing the same thing.

1. 15 fist bumps
2. 10 hand flicks
3. 5 lasso's
4. 2 gun pulls

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