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Monday, July 1, 2013

I have Twitter, Now what?

Last week we focused on how Facebook can help you excel in your business. This week we will focus on Twitter. It may seem that Twitter is not as important as a social media site. You might here that you can't deliver a quality message to patients. However, it is just the opposite.

Some of the benefits of twitter are that it is easy to sign up and follow people.  You can receive email notifications when someone leaves you a message or re-tweets your information.  It takes seconds to send out a twitter message or you can use Hootsuite and set up messages to be sent out throughout the week.

You can also utilize twitter to send out a special you have going on in your office. Or have a contest to spark patient comments and interest. For example, draw a name and give a 10% discount to patients who re-tweet something you said.  Or help share an important message about tooth decay using twitter.

The nice benefit of twitter that other sites don’t have is that you can deliver a quick message, you can follow and have lot’s of people follow you even if you don’t know them. This helps build a base of people that are reading your information and getting to know you and your team.

It is important that you search and find which social media sites work best for you and your office. However, I highly recommend Twitter because it is not as time consuming as a blog or Facebook. You can reach hundreds of people in a second and you can also find information on the latest technology or team building strategy. Check out Twitter today at twitter.com

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