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Monday, July 15, 2013

Stampede to Calcary-Mr. Neil Dempster


When a Ship Misses the Harbor! It's Rarely the Harbor's Fault!.... Success Strategies for Challenging Times!

Mr. Neil Dempster
Neil Dempster is a RESULTant™ . . . a consultant who gets results! As a student of the behavioral components of success, his passion is helping people and organizations achieve peak performance in a changing world. Whether delivering a keynote speech for a conference or meeting, training managers and employees on performance improvement strategies, or consulting with a senior leadership team, he provides an uncanny ability to simplify the complex human behavioral aspects of life and work.
His education includes Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and he is currently in the dissertation phase for a PhD in Organizational Psychology. This unique educational blending has earned him the distinction of bringing "logic to soft skills."
Neil speaks from a lifetime of experiences in the trenches and from within the corporate boardroom. He was a multi-year, top 1% sales producer for a Fortune 100 office products company and later became a successful senior manager in the same organization. He left to become CEO of a unique start-up opportunity in the telecommunications industry; during his tenure the organization became a market leader in a half-dozen product categories winning virtually every industry award possible.
Today, as one of the founding partners of Clearview Performance Systems, he is able to use his expertise in achieving extraordinary employee performance to benefit diverse organizations all over the world. He brings high-impact methods, practical recommendations and personal commitment to every human performance challenge.



As the title suggests, there is a renewed sense of accountability surrounding the actions and behaviors of people within organizations. And this is most obvious when success, growth and profitability depends almost entirely on referrals and new patients. Sound familiar?  Although we would all like to see ourselves as effective leaders, real leadership is different than authority. Just because we own the practice doesn’t mean that our staff see us as leaders. To achieve greater practice growth and bottom-line results AND overcome the challenges inherent in constant change, we must understand how to engage people with trust, respect, and sincerity! Neil Dempster, our keynote presenter, will demonstrate how Behavioral Awareness is one of the most powerful tools we have to influence the people around us. Drawing upon contemporary leadership concepts, research, and anecdotal examples, he will have you laughing one minute and re-thinking your entire workday the next.
In this session, you will discover why organizations like NASA use Neil's Course Correction and Nothing Succeeds Like Failure methods to help them innovate faster than the speed of change. If you are tired of theory-only sessions, this high-energy, fun and content-rich presentation is guaranteed to provide you with practical, common sense knowledge to keep your practice growing and thriving. Dempster’s educational background includes Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and he is currently completing his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology.
If you want your ‘ship’ to always reach the harbor, this is one session you do not want to miss!
Learning Objectives: 

1.      Attendees will be able to understand the difference between a ‘compliance’ culture and a ‘commitment’ culture, and be able to gain authentic employee commitment.
2.      To understand how to establish a culture where every employee learns consistently, and applies their new knowledge in an effective manner.
3.      Attendees will understand the best practices of ‘efficiency-based’ performance management and be able to implement a performance management system where employees interpret feedback as a development opportunity instead of seeing it as criticism.

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