We are a group of Dental Consultants who offer, improved practice morale; a happier, more profitable patient base;and improved home life; increased collections. (And yes, our average is 35% in year one.)

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Choosing a Consultant

As you enter the New Year you might find yourself wondering what you can do differently to improve this year. You might need to clean out the cob webs or improve a working relationship with a staff member.

You may need to look at re-care and improve patient follow through. What ever the case maybe, there are individuals out there that can support you.

A dental consultant can provide a variety of supports and services for you. However, let's look at whether you think you need one at all. Answer this short quiz to determine if you are in need of support.

I. Do you have changes you want to make but don't know how?

II. Does your staff struggle to get along?

III. Are you loosing money?

IV. Do you have all the patients you want or need?

V. Has your business grown stagnate with the times?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions. Please give our consultants a call today and set up an initial discussion to determine if we can help you more.

Salt DPM

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