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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Take Action

At some time in your life you have probably watched a game that went no where. You sat for hours while a team kicked a ball back and forth. While neither team ever scored the winning goal. The heat and pressure is on, but yet no one wins. The coach yells, the team re-huddles and the second half of the game starts. But still nothing. No action and no change. The coach switches out a player, the team get's excited and still nothing. The end of the game can't come soon enough. The players sink off the field and come back two weeks later. Only to have a repeat. So, what's the problem?

Leaders must take action!

A team doesn't win the game by sitting in a huddle discussing or chatting. A team doesn't win by a pat on the back and a high five. A team doesn't even necessarily win because they can run the fastest. They win because they take action on the field. They may jump over another player, dive, or complete some fancy passing and foot work. Whatever, they do. They don't stop moving. 

Great leaders win because they focus on a specific target, and do what it takes to reach that goal.  They do not stand and wait for the action to come to them. Great leaders realize the steps that must be taken for the office to reach that bonus or increase the number of patients and everything else moves around that goal. Become laser focused and determine what action you must take in order to build the office you want to have tomorrow. 

Great teams take effort. Take time to work on your practice regularly to build quality communication and strengthen your results. For more information and to read other articles, please visit us at www.saltdpm.com.


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