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Monday, July 14, 2014

Precipitating factors in the dental office

Multiple people and events in our day impact us. There are things that happen to us before we get to the office that may impact how we feel that day. There also maybe many factors that impacts our patients that we do not have any control over but that create a potential problem when the patient shows for their appointment.
         For example, precipitating factors are those events that occur that cause a reaction. If a patient is allergic to sunflowers, and they touch a sunflower they run the risk of having an allergic reaction.  The precipitating factor is that they touched the flower that they are allergic to and will therefore, have an allergic reaction. If one of your patients has been to a dentist that did not do a very good job, when they enter your office they may make that same assumption.  Or if the patient went to a dentist that gave them a discount on their procedures, you may have an angry patient when they find out that you will not be in fact giving that same discount.
         Although, you cannot control the precipitating factors, you can control how you respond to a patient and how you handle the situation in your office.  Talking to your patient in a calm manner, where you explain to them why the policy is in place or explaining the procedure they will go through can help to enhance the relationship and diminish the frustration.

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