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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Asking the right questions to teach your employees to be independent

Are you an employer that always supplies the answers? Do you often wonder why your employees don’t take time to think for themselves, yet come running to you with every problem? At times it may be scary to hand over the reins and trust your employees are in fact able to handle situations in the office without you. However, how do you get them ready if they are not now?
There is a coaching technique called cognitive coaching. It is the belief that everyone knows the right answers they just need to be asked the right questions in order for them to think and be able to come up with the answers. Sometimes, as employers we are quick to supply the answers to every little thing. But then pretty soon our employees begin to rely so heavily on us that they do not take care of situations that they once felt comfortable making.
Individuals have to be able to have practice in problem solving. You might want to start slow and conduct some role-playing activities during your morning huddle. For example, what do you say when a patient becomes angry at billing or how do you handle a patient that isn’t accepting treatment options? Asking your employees to practice handling the situations can help increase functionality in the workplace.

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