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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Take the time!


      We’re all busy people and it is easy to get in the rush of our day. However, if you want to stand out against the crowd, take the extra time. Take time to say hi to your patients. Stop and ask how your staff’s weekend was. Find a second longer to check the front office to make sure it looks good.
         Patients spend hours over their lifetime waiting for you to see them. They pay good money, they trust you with their oral health, and they suggest that their family see you. But yet, you may only spend fifteen or twenty minutes with them. The extra time you take out of your day can build a stronger relationship with patients and help motivate them to recommend even more people to your office. It will certainly encourage them to keep returning.  
         A patient spends on average sixty minutes in the chair depending on the procedure. Yet, you may spend less than ten minutes talking to them. This relationship is critical to the success of the visit and you have less time to make a lasting impression.
         Take the time to read their body language and what it is telling you. Stop when you are working on a patient if they begin to squirm in the chair. Or ask them how they are feeling. These little things do not take much time however; they have a big impact on the overall relationship. 

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