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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Communicate Change: What time should it be done?

There is a right and a wrong way to communicate upcoming change in your office. It doesn’t matter if you are changing something small or it is a drastic change. The way in which you deliver the message will make a difference in how it is received from the team. Change is the only thing that we can count on, yet most individuals who say they like change, can become the biggest resisters to change.
            You will want to set-up an uninterrupted time to communicate the change that is going to occur. You want to give employees time to digest the news but also have time to ask any questions that they may have. You don’t want to rush the staff to the next patient in the middle of delivering something new to them.  However, you also do not want them to have too much time that becomes a complaint session.
            Plan the time of day you are going to deliver the news carefully. If it is something that is going to take awhile to digest and adjust you may want to do it on a Thursday afternoon. This gives them time to think about it, come back the next day and ask questions but does not send them home for the weekend to stew on it.

The morning huddle maybe appropriate to communicate certain types of change.  For example, scheduling changes, mission statement changes or policies on how to handle insurance are appropriate for morning huddle.  A morning huddle is the perfect time to give new information to the team that are going to impact their immediate future.

Avoid lunch-time change meetings, this does not give teams enough time to accept the change and move on from it. It may end up impacting your afternoon. You do not want that.

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