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Monday, July 9, 2012

Yes System Part 1 of 2

Patients can see and feel confidence, or the lack of confidence.  The team must be convinced of the doctor’s ability to care for the patient. 

Seven Stages of Decision-Making:

1. Selection – how they select them or you: It is important that you know how your patients are picking you. If they are being referred to your office you want to make sure to thank your loyal patients and welcome the new ones.  If they are coming to your office because of another marketing strategy you are using, you'll want to know that as well. 
2. Connection: To increase your connection with your patients,  talk louder and faster.  You can lean forward, increase eye contact, touch, increase energy level, and smile while listening to your patients concerns.

Great communicators listen 80%, talk 20%.  
 - Ask questions
             - Clarify what your patient is saying
             - Ask if you understood
            - Tell stories
            - Build a relationship
            - Talk with a smile

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