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Monday, July 2, 2012

Urgent Matters

Fire By: Robert Kraft

Part 1 of 2

 Urgent are those things that must be done or taken care of right now.  It is something we cannot put off.   Items that are Urgent act on us.  Urgent matters are usually visible and require action in the here and now.  They may be a patient, an insurance claim or a leaking sink.  But the issue needs your immediate attention. 

A ringing phone or a patient who has a cracked tooth and is in pain
        Most people can’t stand a ringing phone:
         Stood in line at a department store?
         You were in a hurry
         Waited in line
         It’s finally your turn – the phone rings
         The clerk answers the phone – doesn’t acknowledge you
         How do you feel?
There aren’t many people you call who say – “I’ll get back to you in 15 minutes, just hold.”
         So a ringing phone is urgent.

Although, an urgent item cannot be put off it does not mean that we need to let the urgent items in your practice take over everything else.  If you spend all of your time on urgent matters you may burnout.   

 Urgent matters can begin to control everyday of your life.  You get back up, deal with a matter only to turn around and be knocked down again.  Urgent matters must be dealt with, however, they must not control every moment of everyday.

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