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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

YES System Part 2 of 2

  By: Debra Quarles Salt DPM Consultant


Understanding: Have I answered your questions?”, nodding your head can show patients not only that you are paying attention but that you also understand.

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Urgency: Talk to your patients about the urgency of their situation, while helping them to take responsibility for their dental problems. “The problem with that is . . .” Get patients to say “yes” along the way. “Does that make sense?" (Debra Quarles). Do not down play problems but do not over dramatize the work that needs to be completed because your afraid of a no.

Solution: There are always options so, "Don't just recommend what's in your comfort zone,"(Debra Quarles).

Decision: When your helping your patients make decisions about their dental care find out
                What motivates them:  Esthetics, Health Function, Money.  

Find out what propelling forces your patient is motivated by: Elimination, avoidance of discomfort, health, function, beauty, and complexion. 

Show loyalty to your patients by asking them how they found out about your office and rewarding those who sent your new patient your way.  Take care of your loyal patients by giving them a discount, sending them a thank-you post card or letting them know when they enter the office you appreciate them coming in. 

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