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Monday, August 6, 2012

Great teams thrive on feedback

Debra Quarles Salt DPM Consultant

Feedback is necessary for growth. We all agree with this in theory, yet each of us probably remembers an incident when we either gave or received feedback and it went poorly. While intellectually, we understand feedback is about helping; emotionally we may find ourselves preparing to be hurt. Most of us were trained to be courteous and polite as children, but it seems society does not train us to handle either giving or receiving feedback appropriately. But keep in mind, if handled well, feedback can be an extremely valuable tool that will take your employees and consequently your practice to the next level.

Most of our clients would agree they dislike giving employees feedback or evaluations. They are unsure how to do it successfully. They may want a different result from the employee, but either their own personal experience with feedback, or their previous experience with giving employees things to work on has been received badly. While we understand feedback is essential for growth in any position, many would say the process of critiquing another comes out awkward or mean, even when that is not the intent.

I have yet to find a group of people who inform me they are over appreciated. In fact, I still remember sitting in a room with a group. The doctor went around the room spending a significant amount of time giving everyone a specific and heartfelt compliment and then proceeded to discuss what improvements needed to be made. The team came away only hearing the negative. It seems we are wired to hear the negative more than the positive statements that come our way.

Knowing how others may respond to your feedback negatively can actually assist you in making changes in how you handle the situation to create a more positive result.

 Article originally published by: Tri-County Dental Society
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