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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Salt Case Studies

Why is Salt Different? What can it do to help your practice? What can you expect when you work with Salt Dental Practice Management Consultant? Read below for case studies that help support and provide evidence for the difference that Salt can make for your practice today.

Dr. D - "Economy Down, Productivity and Feet Up"
Before Salt: In 1995, Dr. D was running a 3-operatory practice in rural Arizona, with 3 team members. Before Salt, his net production was $205,402 with a net collection of $209,403 

After Years of Salt: During the recession, most practices have been down 30-35%, laying off staff or closing their doors entirely. In 2009 in the Phoenix area, over 200 practices went out of business. During this same period, Dr. D's year-end net production was $579,117, with net collections of $598,031. In 2010, his year-end net production was $612,027, with net collections of $602,375. He's projecting to end 2011 with $632,452 net production and $646,389 net collections. He presently enjoys a 3.5-day work week, takes several weeks vacation each year, and his overhead is 50%. His current (and happy) team has been in place for over 10 years. He attributes his success to the ongoing coaching which created and maintains a stable, safe, happy work environment focused on giving the very best to each and every patient.

Dr. A - "From Tears to Cheers"

Before Salt: A one-doctor, 3-operatory practice. When we met Dr. A in 2003, she was in tears.  She felt her office was completely unmanageable. Worse, it was unprofitable. The staff were poorly trained, lacked focus and the office was full of drama. It was draining her ability to be a good wife and mother. She dreaded Monday morning, and was considering selling the practice. At the time, their year-end net production was $452,634, and net collections were $446,065. Dr. A was referred to us by one of our best clients. After the first meeting, Dr. A felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.

One Year After Adding Salt: After one full year of Salt working with Dr. A and her team, year-end net production was up to $629,639, with net collections at $600,414. That's a 39% increase in net production and a 35% increase in net collection. She continues to be a client, and continues to have great success. She still works out of the same office, having no need to expand or move.

Dr. Q - "Debt Be Gone" 

Before Salt: Dr. Q's net production was $1,089,076.89. Net collections were $1,066,562.79. However, his concern was not production and collection, but overhead, profit, and (most of all) outstanding debt.

After Adding Salt: After one full year of service, Dr. Q's net production rose to $1,306,599.45, an increase of 20%. His collections at the end of that year were $1,283,987.50, also an increase of 20%. Concurrently, we significantly decreased his overhead, giving him more discretionary funds to pay off enormous accumulated debts. He remains a client and is on track for a third record year.

                      Let Salt DPM help you receive typical results today for a better tomorrow. 
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