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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teamwork part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2 

This week Salt DPM Features: Price Pritchett's book, "Teamwork, The team member handbook for teamwork."
By: Price Pritchet

 How does your team work? Are they strong, communicate and an extension of your right hand? Or are they argumentative and negative? 

Here are some highlights from the book:

Help new teammates make entry.
            Although, new people may be entering your team all the time treating them like an outsider does not build a cohesive team. Spend time making the new person feel comfortable and help supprort them as they become comfortable with the team.

Play down yourself and build up others.
            A team becomes stronger when you work to build everyone up.  Noone is going to get anywhere following their ego. 

Spend time with your teammates.
Team's take time to build and you can't expect that you are going to become a close knit group with a few hours of time here and there. Spend quality time getting to know everyone on your team. No what their goals are and how they work.
Help drive discipline into the group.
            Hold yourself accountable. Don't wait for the boss to tell you what to do but take initive to complete your job well anticipating and fixing problems when you need to. 

Make sure you make a difference.
           Times are tough and people have lot's of options in terms of business choices.  Showing up to work isn't enough. You have to committ to making a difference and doing your best everday.

Give attention to group process.
           When you are at work pay attention to what is going on and work to fix problems when things are not working. Know what is going on with your teams in order to support them when needed.

 Help create a climate of trust.
         Talking about a teammate can be the quickest way to drive a problem into a team. Make sure you are not causing the problems. Be committed.  When there is a problem that is when people learn whether those around them will honor committments, make sure you are.

Strengthen the leader through good follower-ship.
            No leader is good enough to take a team to high performance if the team members are lousy followers.  What’s involved in follower-ship?  Initiative.  Know what to do without being told, and do it.  Think for yourself.  Good followers are people who lead themselves.  

Be a good sport.
A lesson that is learned when we are younger but we can forget as we get older. It is our responsability to let everyone shine on the team and provide opportunities for everyone to win.

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