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Monday, September 16, 2013

Leave your Ego at the door

A leader is an important concept that we should revisit often. 

Because a leader does not lead their team once and then stop leading. You may also have different leaders for different projects. However, the one thing a leader does not have when they lead is their ego. The definition of a, "leader is an individuals ability to work with others to accomplish some agreed-upon result," (Leading Every Day)  An effective leader has a responsibility to lead the team in order to get the project done. 

But if you rely on your job title and your ego to get a project done than your team may not be as willing to complete the project.  Or they may complete the project but not care about the projects outcome.

The leader has an important duty to rally everyone together, to let other leaders in the group take over parts of the project. A leader is a catalyst for change and works with others to facilitate their parts of the project instead of stating, demanding, and pleading.

Not only do you need to facilitate but you need to have a clear vision. Your vision should be shared in order for teams to have more by in. A leader helps give purpose behind the group and what they accomplish. A leaders shares, ask questions and supports team members without shouting, yelling, or having to drag the team kicking and screaming.

Great teams take effort. Take time to work on your practice regularly to build quality communication and strengthen your results. For more information and to read other articles, please visit us at www.saltdpm.com.

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