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Monday, December 2, 2013

Changing your perspective

Is the glass have empty or half full? 

Philosophers and other like minded people have been asking this question for hundreds of years to determine what type of a thinker you are. Books like the, "Secret" and "The power of positive thinking," have one common theme. The way you think impacts what you do.

That is why reframing how you think about things is critical to your overall success. 

For example, you have very few patients scheduled in the upcoming weeks. 

You can tell yourself, "they don't have money, it's the holidays." Or you can state, patients are too busy this time of year."

Or you can reframe how you think about it and say, "now is the perfect time to schedule because individuals will have time to take care of their dental needs. Then get on the phone and make calls to the patients you haven't seen in awhile. Send out a holiday deal or a special holiday "Thank-you."

How you approach and think about a situation will determine the action you do or do not take towards achieving the goal.  You can sit in the holiday season and barely make it through or you can see patients coming through your door by the dozen and approach your daily practices to accommodate the number of patients pouring through your doors.  Reframing how you think about a situation will also allow your brain to see a situation in a new way.

In order to help you reframe ask yourself these questions: 

1. What are your views on the situation currently and what assumptions are you making?
2. Are you making correct assumptions?
3. How would other people view the situation?

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