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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Genuine Action

All of us have mentors or individuals who have been a part of our life and shape the beliefs we have. When you took over the dental office, many people may have offered you advice on how to handle your business. Stop and think, does the actions you take day to day align with your beliefs? Or are you completing tasks, policies and procedures that are out of line with what you believe?

It is easy to take on someone else's belief system when decisions have to be made or when you need to just accomplish a goal. But they may not be the best or most effective. The action may not even be in line with who you are as a business leader.

Take time to analyze some of the events that happen in your office. Do you handle difficult situations in a way that you support and believe in Or do you handle them in a way that your neighbor suggested? Do you utilize social media sites with one post a day because that is what the dentist around the corner does Or because that is what you want your office to be doing?
Step back and figure out which procedures and policies are in place because that is what you want to happen and change the ones that occur because they work for someone else.

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