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Monday, December 9, 2013

Your culture defines what you do

Culture is the beliefs and systems that drive your organization. It is what makes up your business and supports patients. Your culture is made up of two different things. The policies you have written down, for example, no drinking coffee in front of patients and the underlined values and beliefs your staff hold dear to them.

What happens when the two collide?

Well it depends. You need to ask yourself does the employee’s culture go against the general culture you are trying to instill in your office? Or do they enhance what you are already trying to create? 

You have a choice? 

If your culture is tense, distracting and unfocused you can change. You can hire new staff if you need to bring people on board that have the same cultural beliefs in patient care, office procedures and the general well-being of the business. 

Or you can bring in a coach that helps your business learn to play like a team! 

Build a strong business day and change tomorrow.


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