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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Solution steps

In the heat of the moment when there is a fire burning at your doorstep it is easy to make a solution that is incongruent with the facts or a decision you would have made not in the heat of the moment. In order to make the best possible decision when facing a tough problem the book, "Leading Every Day," suggests that you complete these four steps:

1. Examine the facts
           Do you have all the information?
           Is there something else going on? 
           Are you missing a piece of information?

2. Consider the possiblities
          Sometimes we jump into a solution before we really consider all of the possible solutions. It is important when facing a problem that you think about all of the possible solutions including ones that may seem crazy or out of the box. It might just be what you in need in order to solve the problem.

3. Evaluate the situation logically
         It is easy in the heat of the moment to lose your head. It is important to stop, calm down and think about the problem. You may need to make a pro-con list or analyze the consequences of the action you are going to take. 

4. Look at the impact of your proposed solution on people, including yourself and your own value set
         Before you make a decision consider the impact it will have on you, your organization and your establishment. Again we can jump right into a solution without thinking about the large impact it will have on everyone around us including ourselves. 

Trust in this process every time to help make situations better when your faced with your next fire.

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