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Monday, March 10, 2014

Change impacts us

Change happens often and all around us. How we react to change depends on multiple things. Whether we are impacted by the change in a small way or if it is changing the core of our world. Change could be something as simple as a new line to say to patients when you answer the phone for example, "Hello, I can help you." Versus, "How may I help you?" Or it maybe a new way to organize the front office. However, big or small the change people will react differently based on how much they feel their life is being impacted.

Some factors play into how easily you adapt to change for example, a persons background knowledge and experiences will impact how they approach change. An individual that has moved often may not care as much about getting rid of the clutter in the front office, while someone who had very little growing up may have a very difficult time throwing away items.

How comfortable a person is with a situation impacts how easily they adapt to the change as well. Your front office may have outside knowledge of computers therefore, a new program may not impact their world. While someone who is still learning the basics of computers may become easily overwhelmed and frustrated with the introduction of a new system.

No matter the change, it is important for you as the boss to make sure that individuals have some control over the situation. The more a person has over the change the more likely they are to be comfortable with it.

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